REUSCHEL Bioanalytics have worked in different areas and have positioned itself the chemical one and the bioanalytic challenges The big  experience was widened during 35 years in the Sandoz and Novartis research institute and was acquired. This was reached with the synthesis by pep tides and new active substances as well as their quantification from the most different biological matrixes. (serum, plasma, blood, tissue …). Pharmacokinetic of substances and Metabolites in biological matrices.  Separation of Enatiomeren, because Racemate of substances often show different pharmako dynamic or pharmaceutical-kinetic behaviour patterns. This is often useful for providing and gives a better insight after administration to animals or humans. But this is to discuss for each substance and problem . Trace analysis in various matrices is possible. For the analytical solution of all problems I am always available to even if this is only a sample. The introduction of pharmaceutical and para- pharmaceutical products requires the conduct of pre analytical studies of the drugs or substances .